Steele, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When it comes to population and stats, you will want to visit Steele City, Nebraska, USA. This small town is located in western Nebraska. Steele City has a population of around 380 people. You can find more information on the city's demographics by visiting its U.S. Census Bureau page. It's also worth checking out the local school district, as there are many elementary and secondary schools in the area.

In Steele City, Nebraska, the Village Hall is located at 204 West Main Street. The city is nestled in the heavily forested valley of the Little Blue River, which runs diagonally through Jefferson County. The community was originally platted in 1873 and named for pioneer D. H. Steele. After the railroad arrived, the city grew significantly and was incorporated as a village in 1879.

The ZIP Code for Steele City is 68440. You can find a list of nearby ZIP codes and ZIP+4 Codes and use the map to see where the city is located. The ZIP Code and postal code are the same, but the extension is used to identify the city's post office. To copy mail, use the ZIP Code for Steele City. And remember, if you're traveling through this town, be sure to check out the hotels and other accommodations in the area.