Summit, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Summit, NJ is located in Essex County, New Jersey. Its borders include Chatham Township, Millburn, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights. It has easy access to New York City via the Garden State Parkway and the Midtown Direct train. Parking for downtown employees is easy due to the city's extensive parking garages. The city has widened sidewalks, improved street lighting, and created festive public spaces for special events. Since Summit's economic development depends on the success of its downtown business district, the city has implemented the Think Local First program.

The city has a diversified population. While it is a largely family-oriented community, it does have a small percentage of light industry. Many Summit residents have made important contributions to the world of business, government, and civic mindedness. The community's governing body has sought out people who specialize in various fields, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the city. Residents are committed to making their community better than others.

The city has a high percentage of people who own their own vehicle. Its ownership rate is above the national average and higher than neighboring geographies. In 2019, 54.4% of Summit residents drove alone to work. Twenty-four percent took public transportation. The remaining 7.7% worked from home. The graph below shows how households in Summit, NJ traveled to and from work during the past decade. It is possible to see how much each mode of transportation contributed to the city's growth in population since the last census.