Trenton, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Trenton City, New Jersey is approximately eighty-five thousand people. Trenton City has a high population density of eleven hundred and sixty-eight people per square mile. During the last decade, the population has been dropping steadily with a loss of 1% every ten years. The decrease is attributed in part to the city's high crime rates, but overall the city's population is improving and may rise in the future.

The city's population has a history spanning four centuries. Founded by Quakers in 1679 in the region known as the Falls of the Delaware, the city was named for Mahlon Stacy. Stacy and his family had fled England to North America, where the Quakers were free to practice their religion. The town was originally called Trent-towne, but was shortened to "Trenton" in 1719 after William Trent purchased the Stacy family's property.

The Italian Peoples Bakery is a notable business in Trenton, founded in 1936. The bakery offers both retail and wholesale services. De Lorenzo's and Papa's Tomato Pies were long-time Trenton establishments. Both have since relocated to the suburbs. While Trenton City has its share of crime and poor neighborhoods, gentrification is a blight-free neighborhood.

The percentage of uninsured individuals in Trenton, NJ is shown in the following chart. This chart also shows the percentage of households in Trenton, NJ who are enrolled in various types of health insurance. A large percentage of Trenton city residents are uninsured, and this proportion is expected to increase relative to neighboring states. The city is also a center of trade for New Jersey, so this trend is a positive sign.