Trosper, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

As the population of Trosper city continues to grow, so do the differences in its Steets and Population. The average per capita income of Trosper city is $29,057, but this number can be surprisingly low. Only 1.2% of residents in Trosper are Hispanic. Overall, the city has a slightly lower income per capita than 99.0% of the population in the rest of America.

The majority of homes in Trosper are medium to small sized. They're mostly owner-occupied and largely comprised of unpaved roads. According to a leading research firm, Trosper is less crowded than 93.8% of all neighborhoods in the United States. This means that it has fewer people per square foot than 95.8% of all neighborhoods. However, many residents find Trosper's housing to be quite expensive and overpriced.

The proposed Capitol Boulevard/Trosper Road Interchange Improvements will improve traffic conditions at this intersection. A new local street, 6th Avenue, will be constructed between Trosper Road and Lee Street, improving access to businesses located in the southeast quadrant of the intersection. It will also add aesthetic appeal to the area and ease congestion on Capitol Boulevard. A new intersection will bring increased economic opportunities to the area and improve the community's quality of life.