Whitehouse, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Whitehouse City, Texas is 6.43K. The racial makeup of this city is approximately 71% White (Hispanic), 22% Black or African American (Non-Hispanic), and 7% Other race. The median age in Whitehouse, TX is 37.2. The median age of residents is rising, and in 2019 it was 2.99% higher than the national average. The majority of residents are homeowners, with 68.8% of people residing in the city owning their homes. The median car ownership rate is almost the same as the national average, with two vehicles per household.

While the community was first named after a railroad engineer, it was not incorporated until 1953. In addition to its railroad history, Whitehouse has numerous WPA projects, most of which are built with sandstone rockwork. Until after World War II, Whitehouse's population was largely comprised of farmers. They worked in various fields supporting agriculture and other sources of income until the city's development. Because of this, many streets in Whitehouse are named after prominent agricultural leaders.

There are numerous ways to estimate the population of Whitehouse City, PA. Among other things, it is helpful to look at the city's median age, the number of households that had children, and the number of people who were married. The average family size in the city is 3.20, with two adults per household. The median age was 32 years. The racial makeup of the city is quite diverse.