Eros, Louisiana Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're considering moving to Eros City, you're likely wondering: What's the population of Eros City like? Using the Census Bureau's ancestry data, you can find out. While the population is overwhelmingly white, nearly 4% of residents identify as Black or African American. However, the percentage of people who identify as Asian or Native Hawaiian is slightly higher. Similarly, 7.1% of Eros' civilian population is comprised of veterans, although these numbers are only estimates.

EROS CITY HAS A POPULATION OF 173. Its median household income is $31,250, according to the US CENSUS BUREAU. The poverty rate, which measures the proportion of people who live below the federal poverty line, is 14.9%. This is higher than the national average. As for the home values, the median home value in Eros is $148,600. It's important to note that the median home appreciation in Eros over the past decade is -1.5%.

The Census Bureau has published information on the racial makeup of the population of Eros. In addition to the racial makeup, residents are divided by their educational background. In addition, the percentage of residents who do not speak English at home is 9.9%, compared with 4.7% of residents who speak Spanish, 4.2% of those who speak Indo-European, and 0.9% of those who speak Asian. The unemployment rate for residents 16 and older in Eros is 17.9%. Furthermore, 16.4% of the residents of Eros are employed in the government.