Lacassine, Louisiana Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Lacassine is estimated to be 492 as of 2020. The city's population is increasing at a rate of 0.20% annually, and has grown by 2.50% since the 2010 census. It has a median household income of $33,999 and a poverty rate of 0.00%. The median house value is - and the rent cost is - per month.

In terms of population, Lacassine is a census-designated place in Jefferson Davis Parish. This city has a ZIP code of LA700. The population of the ZIP code is estimated at 4,625, with a school enrollment of 1,428. The area's population is made up of a number of small towns and cities. These smaller communities can be useful for exploring the area or planning a road trip.

There are a number of jobs available in Lacassine. More than 60% of the local population is employed in service-related jobs, while 0% are in white-collar roles. This diversity of employment opportunities provides a unique opportunity to live in Lacassine. Aside from a low rate of poverty, Lacassine is also known for its diversity of employment sectors.

The median home value in Lacassine was $105,000 in 2019 - 0.437 percent lower than the national average. Lacassine is home to the Louisiana Spirits Distillery, which makes Bayou Rum, one of the most popular adult beverages in Louisiana. The water park was never completed but the distillery opened in 2013 and started producing Bayou Rum. A water park has been under construction in Lacassine since 2011.