Alton, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are planning a trip to Alton, Illinois, you should know the population and steets of the city. The city is located along the Mississippi River and Missouri-Illinois border. The city's climate is temperate in the months of September, May, October, and December. You can find plenty of interesting things to do in Alton. Here are some of them:

The population of Alton is 27,175. The race makeup of the city is approximately 69% white, 25% black, and 0% Asian. The average commute time in Alton is about 23 minutes. This is a bit shorter than the national average of 26 minutes. The city is located in a suburb of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. A quick look at Alton's demographics will show you how diverse the city is.

Alton was founded in 1818 as a ferry town along the Mississippi River. The city quickly expanded as a bustling river port. In 1833, the Illinois State Penitentiary opened in Alton, housing Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Ammunition manufacturing began in Alton in the 1890s. The industry continues to be an important part of Alton's economy. Grain, coal, and petroleum products are also shipped from Alton's port. In addition, casino gambling also contributes to the area's economy.

The median property value in Alton, IL was $79,900 in 2019, which is 0.332 times lower than the national average. There are 59.6% of residents who own their home, and the median home price in Alton is $22,485 for singles and $33,083 for families. This area is home to 2 cars per household. This number is lower than the state average of 64.1%.