Amazonia, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are wondering what the population and steets of Amazonia City are, this article is for you. This Amazonia City, Brazil, population and income statistics are important to know. You'll be able to learn how the city's people live and the various amenities available to them. You can also learn about the ethnic diversity of the community. We'll look at some of the local organizations, including the Amazon River Indian Association, which helps local residents stay connected with each other.

As of 2010, Amazonia had a median gross rent of $577 per month, which may include rent payments, utility bills, and some building costs. By comparison, Missouri's median gross rent was $746 per month. Meanwhile, neighboring cities like Elmo and Clarksdale had lower median gross rents than Amazonia. If you're thinking of moving to Amazonia, there's plenty to know about the city's economy.

The ADE region of Brazil contains two main areas: the Amazon Delta and the Estuary. The ADE region's urban population has grown rapidly without planning and there is little investment in infrastructure or services. As a result, a study on the ADE has revealed that the steets of these areas have become the fastest growing cities in Amazonia. This study examines the effects of these changes on the people and their communities.