Anniston, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Anniston City, Alabama is a city in the state of Alabama. The population is less than half the size of the state. In 2017, there were fourteen homicides committed by others in the city. In 2018, there were seven recorded homicides in Anniston, though the FBI has yet to release those numbers. So far, there have been no recorded homicides in 2019.

The population of Anniston is composed of a diverse group. The majority of the population is white. The city is ranked number two in the percentage of white residents. Non-white residents are represented by a small percentage of the population, though. Anniston's Native population is only 2.7% of the total population. For the rest of the population, the percentage is much smaller. This table presents demographic data for Anniston City, Alabama and the surrounding area.

The population of Anniston is about 22,000 people. The city was once the county seat of Calhoun County, but has since grown into a bustling center of commerce and industry. The city's government and residents have made efforts to protect and restore the environmental beauty of the area. The Spirit of Anniston Main Street Program, a nonprofit organization, has spearheaded efforts to revitalize the city's downtown area. The main focus of the program has been on Noble Street.

The median age of residents in Anniston, AL was 40.8 in 2019. Native citizens had an average age of 40. Non-native citizens, on the other hand, were slightly younger than native-born residents. According to the most recent census, the city's foreign-born population was from Mexico. Guatemala and India ranked third. With 9,844 residents, India is the third most represented foreign-born country in Anniston.