Bridgeton, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following table provides information on the Population & Steets of Bridgeton City, New Jersey. The data is based on the most recent American Community Survey, which was released in 2019. It provides a general overview of the city's population. The data is not guaranteed to be accurate, however. Please consider the time of year and local weather when interpreting this information. Listed below are other useful statistics.

- A Comprehensive Plan should be implemented in order to prepare the city for changes in the economy. This plan will include plans to adapt to new trends in land use and encourage businesses to locate in the city. The city should also work to expand its recreation programs and add a walking/biking trail to encourage visitors. A strong economy means a thriving, family-oriented community. The goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to make the city a more livable and competitive place for its citizens.

In the early nineteenth century, Bridgeton's industrial prowess was demonstrated in the Cumberland Nail and Iron Works. Another building, the Cumberland National Bank, was built in 1816. It was the second bank in the state. In addition to the Cumberland Nail & Iron Works, Bridgeton's David Sheppard House, built in 1791, is a historic treasure. Today, it houses the Cousteau Coastal Center.