Cairo, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

How Many People Live in Cairo? That's a great question to answer if you're planning to visit this magnificent city. Egypt is a large country, and Cairo is one of its most populated cities. The city itself has over 20 million residents, and is home to a plethora of world heritage monuments. But what makes the city so unique? Here are five facts about the city.

Among other things, Egyptians live in cramped squats. Many of them live without proper sanitation and water services. Many squatters have no access to electricity or water. In addition, most of these communities are located on the outskirts of Cairo. This causes many people to live in unsafe neighborhoods without basic amenities. But even within these cities, the social and economic issues remain the same.

While both sexes are equally treated during infancy, Egyptians are more likely to prefer a boy. Even though there is no sex discrimination in Egypt, it is still considered traditional to have at least one son. This way, if you're not an heir, you can still make your mark on the society. And many Egyptian families invest heavily in education, which is a necessary step towards social mobility. While many Egyptian children live below the poverty line, they are working to support the family.

Public transport is another way to get around the city. Public buses run throughout the city, and cost LE1 per ride. However, they are slow and crowded. You'll find similar air-conditioned buses in most main squares, but women should take only the small micro-buses, which allow for standing. You can also find many buses that leave the city at specific times - for example, 7pm on Wednesday nights or at night on Sunday.