Darlington, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Darlington City is approximately 1,969 people. Most residents commute by car, though 76 choose to walk. Another 47 use the trolley bus. The city's historical significance is reflected in the fact that it was the headquarters of the Freedmen's Bureau during the Civil War. A fire that destroyed the city's historic district was attributed to drunken federal soldiers.

The median household income in Darlington, SC is $28,835. The number of people with low income is even higher. The median household income in Darlington is $28,515 - a 2.38% decrease from the previous year. The majority of Darlington's residents are white (62.6%), but only a small percentage are American Indian or Alaska Native (0.0827%). Those with a college degree account for only 3.2% of the population.

In 2011, the median household income in Darlington City was $24,869 - or about $13,971 per person. This figure includes households with children aged eighteen and under. Married couples accounted for 34.3% of all households, while the number of non-married couples was twenty-one percent higher. Senior citizens lived alone in 14.5% of all households. The median age of the population was 39 years old. There were more males than females - 79.4 males for every 100 females.