De Kalb, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The demographics of DeKalb are generally white. There is an estimated 12.8% black population. The most pressing housing issues are related to the burden of housing costs. While the total number of homeless and low-income households in DeKalb City is relatively low, those with lower incomes typically face more challenges than those with higher incomes. This is exacerbated by two neighborhoods with significantly higher minority populations: the Hispanic and Black neighborhoods. Both are comprised largely of rental properties with a high turnover rate. The percentage of substandard units is relatively low.

The city is primarily white, with a minority population of Hispanics and Black/African Americans. There are two neighborhoods in the City with higher racial concentrations than the overall city. These neighborhoods are considered to be low to moderate-income, with the Hispanic neighborhood often being a cultural center with many Spanish-speaking businesses and community centers. Despite its minority population, DeKalb is home to many diverse individuals who are eager to start a new life.

While the majority of the population in DeKalb is white, the number of homeless is significantly higher for Black/African Americans. Twenty-five percent of DeKalb's homeless population has mental health or substance abuse issues. The city also participates in Camp Power, which helps increase socialization among children living in low-income subsidized housing. By offering adequate nutrition during the summer months, Camp Power also helps decrease crime rates. The city is proud of its relatively low number of unsheltered homeless residents, though the city's local police department has a system for identifying individuals who need help.