Excello, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are thinking about moving to the area, you may be wondering how much it costs to live in Excello. The answer depends on what you value most. Do you value diversity? You can find out by checking out the diversity map below. It shows how many people are of different races and ethnicities in Excello. The percentage of people who own their own home is high. There are no low-income areas in Excello, but there are still a lot of poor-quality neighborhoods.

The median income in Excello is N/A, with 100% of residents being U.S. citizens. The median property value in the city was N/A, and the homeownership rate was 100%. Most residents commuted alone to work, with an average commute time of 25.5 minutes. The median car ownership rate is two cars per household. There are currently 12 residents in Excello. This is a good sign, since there are so many jobs available in the area.

The population of Excello is projected to grow to 63 by the year 2020, up from 57. The city is safe, but crime is a concern. South Excello is considered high-crime. It has more crimes per 1,000 residents than surrounding cities. In fact, South Excello has more crimes than any other part of the city. This means that you shouldn't be too quick to condemn people in the area.