Freistatt, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you live in Freistatt, you're likely wondering about the crime rates, population density, and other statistics. If so, you'll be glad to know that these numbers don't necessarily reflect the quality of life in the area. Depending on the area, your chance of committing a crime may be as high as one in 191 in the southwest, or as low as one in 227 in the northwest. Here's how the city ranks in terms of its violent crime rate.

Freistatt is a relatively small city with only 160 residents. The population has increased by 7.2% since the last census, and commute times are about 22 minutes. Compared to the national average of 26.4 minutes, the average commute time is approximately 16 minutes. While parking in Freistatt can be easy, you'll want to be aware of its high demand. To make life easier, it's recommended to stay in a hotel with on-site parking.

The Postal Service's office closed on March 27 after lease negotiations failed. The Postal Service's decision to shut down the office was the result of a misunderstanding between the Postal Service and the town. In Freistatt, the Postal Service did not give the town a full two-day notice before making the decision. The office is not open for business on Good Friday. In addition, the postmaster did not assist the elderly and has not been responsive to complaints.