Glencoe, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Before you make the move to Glencoe City, you should know about its population and steeps. A quick look at the numbers will help you to determine how many people live in this suburb. The population of black residents is low in Glencoe, and is far lower than the national average. As a result, black homeowners will have to sell their properties for less than white owners. This is because, historically, blacks were forced to work as domestic help on the North Shore, which has led to a decline in property values.

One reason for the comparatively low population of this suburb is its historical relevance. In 1983, Tom Cruise filmed the movie "Risky Business", which was filmed in the nearby Highland Park. Other well-known residents of Glencoe include Harold Ramis, Bruce Dern, and Fred "Wonder Years" Savage. In addition to celebrities, Glencoe has many luxurious homes along Lake Michigan.

Despite its small population, the city is no less beautiful than any of its neighbors. A beautiful beach, colonial homes, and an adorable downtown area make this a wonderful place to live. However, if you're wondering why the population has declined, you should know that the most significant reason for emigration is the exorbitant housing prices. Many black residents are forced to sell their homes for less than their worth due to the exorbitant prices of housing in the city. In 2004, a black resident wrote in the Glencoe News that his childhood home had been replaced by a house that was nearly double the value.