High Ridge, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Whether you're a high school student or an adult looking to move to the area, it can be helpful to know the Population & Steets in Highridge City. This article will discuss the most common demographics in this city and how they impact the quality of life of residents. It will also provide information on local schools and public transportation. And, if you're planning a move, this article will give you a helpful guide for figuring out which neighborhoods to move to and what areas to avoid.

The city of High Ridge is located in Jefferson County, Missouri, United States. It has a median age of 41.6 years, and the population is projected to reach 4,459 by 2020. The median household income is $71,000, which is $4,000 higher than the state's average and almost $81,000 more than the national average. And while the median income is a little above the national average, it is still much higher than the state's average, and the median household income is a bit higher as well.

The Jefferson County Court House is located at 34 Dillon Plaza Drive. It is home to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Northzone Office and Michael Chandler. Another banking institution in the city is the Farmers and Merchants Bank of St. Clair, with a branch located at 1010 Crossroads Place. This bank was established in 1998 and has five offices in total. It is owned by Saint Clair Banshares, Inc.