Hiram, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you wondering about the Population & Steets in HiRAM City, Georgia? Well, you aren't alone. The city of Hiram was first called Gray's Mill. It was named after Garrett Gray, a descendant of Isaac Gray, who was a Revolutionary War soldier from South Carolina. Garrett was born on September 23, 1802, in South Carolina, and went on to attend a common country school. He later met and married Jane Jenkins on January 1, 1828 in Franklin County, Ga. Jane was also born in South Carolina but raised by her brother in the Franklin County area. The couple farmed in the Franklin County area until 1835, when they moved to Paulding County, Georgia.

The Hiram city population is well spread out. There were 481 households with children under the age of 18, 35.3% of households were headed by married couples, and 14.8% had a female householder who was not her husband. Twenty-seven percent of households were composed of non-families, and another 19.1% were made up of individuals. One in four households in Hiram City was headed by a senior.

The Italian population replaced the other ethnic groups in the Woodland Avenue community, with the Italian population concentrated between East 22nd and East 29th Streets. A third of the 359 Italians listed in Hiram House records were laborers, and 64 were listed as operating retail outlets. The Hiram House's music programs also attracted an Italian population. Two Italian bands formed by Dominic Villoni and Frank Russo were popular in the neighborhood.