Holland, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A quick Google search for "Population & Steets in Holland City" will turn up more information than you could ever hope to find. The city of Holland is located in the state of Michigan and is the largest city in Ottawa and Allegan counties. The Holland Micropolitan Statistical Area includes the city of Holland, as well as the surrounding areas of Allegan and Grand Rapids. The city is centered on 8th Street, which is the main thoroughfare.

The main center of civilization, Holland City sits at the head of Black Lake, a large sheet of water that is beautiful and low. The water is a slow stream, too slow for mill sites, but this doesn't diminish the quiet, substantial air of the city. Despite being located near a large body of water, in 1866, a fire broke out on Black Lake, destroying 72 business buildings and two dozen dwellings. Thankfully, the residents of Holland City were able to restore the city and wipe out most of the traces of the fire.

Aside from its downtown park system, Holland is also home to Van Raalte Farm, which is 20 acres of land maintained for skiing and hiking. There are award-winning seasonal plantings throughout the city, including both annuals and perennials. And the city is an excellent place to raise children, as many kids will want to live here. But the growth in the city's population is limited. But the growth in diversity in Holland could change this trend.