Jameson, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Jameson City is mostly white. The population of people in the 18 to 24 age group is quite large. Those in the 45 to 64 age group are even more numerous. A small number of single people, or single women, live in the city. The percentage of vacancies is lower than the average. There are one or more nursing homes in the area, as well as correctional facilities.

The city is a medical center for western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The downtown is a hub for shopping, music, and restaurants. The community center has dedicated space for seniors, as well as classes, activities, and events. In addition, the Outreach Program of the city offers hikes and walks with local residents. The area is also home to several universities, such as Tennessee State University. There are many other places to explore in Jameson City.