La Plata, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

To gain a comprehensive overview of the population, you should know how to count the number of people living in La Plata City. The city is home to over 2 million people. To find out the current population of La Plata City, click here. The following information is a summary of some of the main facts about this city. The following table contains the current population, as well as its demographic composition.

The La Plata City population is approximately 750,000 people, making it the eighth largest city in Missouri. The population of La Plata varies from city to city. The city's streets have an intricate grid pattern, with diagonal street intersections. This intricate grid pattern helps make La Plata easy to navigate and avoid confusion. The city is also known as "the City of Diagonals" and is home to a thriving university town. Visitors can walk between downtown and the university in an hour or two.

Despite the city's diverse population, there are many people of various races living in La Plata. A majority of the residents of this city are white. However, 0.6% of the population is black. Another minority is Hispanic. There are three primary occupational groups in La Plata. One third of the population works in the service industry while the other three work in the white-collar sector.