Lampe, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Crime rates in Lampe City are similar to those in surrounding cities. Lampe's crime rate is relatively low compared to the state average and other cities of the same size and population. However, the city is less safe than the Missouri state average and the national average. Below you can find crime maps and data for Lampe City. If you are looking for a safe city in Lampe, MO, consider living in one of the lower-ranked areas.

Compared to most American cities, Lampe has more artists than 90% of other communities. This high concentration of artists in this small town contributes to its unique character. The town is popular among vacationers, and therefore the population drops drastically after the vacation season. That said, this low population doesn't mean that Lampe is without diversity. A quick look at Lampe's diversity score will show how racially and ethnically diverse the city is.

Listed below are the current population and steets of Lampe City, MO. For this city, the ZIP code for the city is 65681. It is a part of Stone County, Missouri, and its official name is LAMPE. This city's current unemployment rate is 3.8%, with a county-wide average of 6.2% and a state-wide average of 2.8%. For this city, home appreciation has been 3.4% over the last 10 years.