Maplewood, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you wondering about the population and steets in Maplewood City? First, let's discuss its demographics. As a metropolitan area, Maplewood has a population of 109,466 residents, or roughly 49% of the entire state of Minnesota. If you're wondering where Maplewood stands in this regard, look no further than the population data listed below. Here are some interesting facts about Maplewood, MN.

The city was established in the late nineteenth century. At this time, it had few main streets. These streets were laid out with concrete sidewalks and trap rock gravel. The steeper grades of streets were covered with cobblestone gutters. The city's houses were built in a variety of popular styles, including bungalows, revivals, and eclectic designs. On average, about fifty houses were built per year in the city's early decades. Many of these were designed by architects, which gave it its distinct neighborhoods.

Despite the comparatively large number of residents in Maplewood, the area remains predominantly white. The city has a majority of White residents, and its Hispanic and Asian population is about the same. But the numbers are still interesting. The majority of residents commute by car. The remainder of Maplewood's population commutes by trolley bus. If you're wondering about the poverty rate in Maplewood, the statistics will help you decide whether it's a good neighborhood for your family.

The area around the city is home to the 3M Corporation. The city has a small downtown area, and is a good place to enjoy a movie or two. There's also an independent café and two liquor stores. The town is largely unchanged from the 1950s. Maplewood's downtown area has even won the prestigious New Jersey Monthly magazine's Downtown Showdown. The city has a large gay community.