Millersville, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are looking for information on the population and steets of Millersville City, you've come to the right place. The data below will give you an overview of the demographics of Millersville. This city is located in north-central Tennessee, on the Cumberland River. The best time to visit Millersville is during the warm months of January and February. But, be aware of the colder months: April and December are often rainy.

The Borough was incorporated as a borough in 1932. The Borough Offices were located at 25 East Charlotte Street, but were later moved to 10 Colonial Avenue and 100 Municipal Drive. Before 2007, Millersville was a rural village, the largest in Manor Township. It has since grown and is now home to Millersville University. You'll find a variety of community organizations in Millersville that focus on various needs for the citizens.

The census data shows that the poverty rate in Millersville City is 6.9%, compared with 9.29% in Pennsylvania. However, there's still a lot of poverty in the area, with a median gross rent of $1,057 per month. The area around the city's recreational areas may have a higher crime rate than the rest of the city. Remember, crime happens where people are.

In Millersville, the unemployment rate is 1.7%, based on the number of residents who are 16 years old and over. Meanwhile, 9.2% of the residents are employed by government organizations, which accounts for a significant portion of the population. Another important economic indicator is the poverty rate. There are 25.4% of households that live below the poverty line, and 6.9% of them are children. The median age is 37 years old for both men and women.