Mineral Point, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You may be wondering: What is the population of Mineral Point, Wisconsin? Well, it is 99% US citizens, which is not too bad when compared to similar-sized cities. However, it is less than the 77 percent growth rate of similarly-sized cities in Wisconsin. In Mineral Point, WI, you will find a large number of Vietnamese veterans. They make up nearly 10% of the city's population, and are one of the biggest groups.

The percentage of residents who are poor is lower than the national average (67.6%) and lower than the median income for the state of Wisconsin. While the percentage is lower than the national average, Mineral Point, WI is far from poor. There are around 1,383 poor people in Mineral Point. The median household income is $52,283 per year. Seventy-nine percent of homes in Mineral Point are owner-occupied, compared to thirty-five percent that are rented.

The median property value in Mineral Point, WI was $171,200 in 2019, which is less than half the national average. The homeownership rate was 64.8%, and most residents commuted to work by themselves. The average commute time was 20.2 minutes. Approximately 65% of Mineral Point, WI residents drive to work alone. The median home value in Mineral Point is $262,000. There are roughly 2.63k residents in Mineral Point, WI.

In Mineral Point, Wisconsin, the median rent is $757. As of 2010, eighty percent of households in Mineral Point, WI have access to broadband internet. However, there are a few factors that make the town so attractive. The median rent is $757 per month. In addition, eighty percent of Mineral Point residents have an active broadband internet connection. With this high level of access to broadband internet, Mineral Point has many attractions to offer.