Purcell, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Purcell is located in central Oklahoma. Founded in 1887, the city is named after Edward B. Purcell, vice president of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad. This city was once home to numerous small businesses, as well as the equestrian industry. Today, the city is served by Amtrak with the Heartland Flyer. You can catch a ride on this train by stopping near the old Santa Fe depot.

You can also find out the racial makeup of Purcell by viewing the city's map. Purcell is home to a variety of racial groups, and the map below shows the percentage of each race. In the Purcell map, darker shades indicate a greater racial majority. The diversity score, which is calculated by applying the same standards as the overall population of a city, is also available.

The median property value in Purcell, OK is $149,700. Its homeownership rate is 60.8%. The majority of residents drive alone to work, and the average commute time was 23.5 minutes. Purcell, OK has 6.4k residents. The median home value is $149,700. Purcell, OK is a great place to live, so make sure you look around before you move. You will be glad you did!

The unemployment rate in Purcell City is 6.6% for people who are at least sixteen years old. Twenty percent of the population works for the government, and the median household income is $53,155. The majority of housing units in Purcell are owner-occupied. The rest is rented. The median age in Purcell is 36 years old. There are many elderly people living alone in Purcell. In addition, 60.8% of households are owner-occupied, and the remaining 39.2% are non-families.