Theodosia, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

How many people live in Theodosia City? The median property value is $85,000. In 2019, that was 0.353 times smaller than the national average, and it increased from $77,000 to $85,000. Theodosia has a homeownership rate of 85.9%, higher than the national average. The average commute time for residents of Theodosia City is 15.4 minutes, and they drive alone to work. The average home value is $85,000, and there are two cars per household.

Theodosia is home to 0.0% Hispanics. However, this figure is not indicative of the dangers faced by Theodosia City residents. A higher Hispanic population doesn't mean that residents in this part of the city face a higher violent crime rate. Generally, residents who live in areas close to recreational areas are more likely to be victimized by crime.

Theodosia City has a population of 132 people. The city has extended beyond its city limits. Some of the present-day businesses include Hill Country Construction and Graves Construction. In addition to these, local businesses include Merrills Grocery & Station, the Theodosia Marina, and Hill Development. It also contains the name of the town's first settler, James Friend. His name derives from a spring south of the Schoolhouse that was used by wagons traveling through the area.

Another indicator of a deteriorating economy is the number of evictions. Some addresses have multiple eviction cases per year. However, eviction rates in Theodosia City are lower than in neighboring towns such as Spokane and Alpena. A large percentage of renter-occupied homes are unoccupied, which may signal that the economy is deteriorating.