Udall, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Udall City is about 701 people. The median home value is $135,800. Over the past 10 years, homes in Udall have appreciated by 6.1%. The median commute time is around 25 minutes. Residents can find a variety of employment opportunities in the area. You may want to consider a move to Udall if you're considering the city for a new home.

The population of Udall is 738 people. The median household income is $45,852. The area has a low rate of poverty. Home ownership is a determining factor in local advertising. Home owners tend to be well-educated. Udall City has an 80% high school graduation rate. This is important for a city's economy. However, local advertising and marketing is not without its issues.

The city's population is diverse. The area's historical earthquake activity is above the national average and is 853% higher than the state average. In addition, Cowley County has more natural disasters than the US average, with 22 recorded. The Udall Historical Society is an educational and cultural attraction. During the fall festival, visitors can learn about the tornado that struck the city in 1955. It is also a popular place for families with children.

The median income in Udall is $619/mo. This figure includes utility bills and some other building costs. The state average is 67.9%, while neighboring cities Hutchinson and Conway Springs have lower rent burdens. The number of rent-burden households in Udall City is about 32.5%. The city is part of the USD 463 public school district.