Village Of Loch Lloyd, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Village Of Loch Lloyd is a small town located in the state of Missouri. Its population is approximately 287 people, and the median household income is $52,497. The median age is 37 years. The city is home to about 287 people, and the median household income is $52,497. The population of Loch Lloyd is highly diverse, with a mixture of people from a variety of backgrounds.

The population of Loch Lloyd is expected to reach 915 in 2020. The median property value in this small town is $790,200, which is 12.3% higher than the previous year. The median household income is $143,750, and the median age is 59.5 years. The median household income is $143,500, which is 3.29 times the national average. Most households in Loch Lloyd speak English as their primary language, with only one percent of households having a native language other than English.

The majority of residents in Loch Lloyd live in single-family homes. There are also some apartments and mobile homes. The population of Loch Lloyd is growing, and is more diverse than in neighboring cities like Birmingham. But the percentage of renter-occupied housing units in Loch Lloyd is lower than in other cities nearby, including Birmingham and Westwood Hills. And there are 19 renter-occupied households in Loch Lloyd.

The majority of people in Loch Lloyd, MO are white, with only 16 people of other ethnicities. A significant number of foreign-born residents come from Mexico, India, and China. Overall, the population of Loch Lloyd, MO is 0.85% hispanic. This is higher than the national average. This is consistent with the fact that many residents of Loch Lloyd, MO work in other cities. And because of the low number of residents, it may be difficult to discern whether Loch Lloyd is more or less ethnically diverse than nearby cities.