Wellsville, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The current population of Wellsville is approximately 1,853 people. The city is located in the state of Utah. It is part of the Wellsville metropolitan area. Wellsville is home to several public libraries, including the Wellsville City Library. There are approximately 16,978 volumes in the library and 33,937 items circulated per year. The library is publicly owned and operated, and the automation system is hosted by a vendor under a Software-as-a-Service arrangement.

The hamlet of Wellsville is located at the junction of several foothill streams, including Dyke Creek, which feeds the Genesee River from the east. In 1795, a Connecticut native, Nathaniel Dyke, married a Native American woman named Esther, and moved his family to the area. He had purchased the land from the Seneca Nation, and built gristmills along Dykes Creek. Today, Nathaniel Dyke is buried in Elm Valley.

The poverty rate in Wellsville, UT is 3.9%. This is one of the highest percentages of the national population. This statistic is important because it shows the percentage of the population who lives below the poverty line. Lower the number of people living in poverty, the better off the area is. In Wellsville, there are three main occupational groups: management, white-collar jobs, and service industry jobs.

The median annual income in Wellsville, UT is $89,643, a figure significantly higher than the US average of $65,712. It is also important to note that 99.1% of the population is white. That means that 99.1% of the people living in Wellsville are U.S. citizens. Homeownership rate is 95.5% and the average household income is $66,984. The population of Wellsville, UT is 7700.