Whiteman Afb, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Whiteman Air Force Base is home to several units of the Air Force. The 442nd Reserve Air Force Fighter Wing, 20th Reconnaissance Squadron, and the 131st Bomb Wing are based here. Over the years, the city has grown substantially.

Whiteman Afb is located in central Missouri. The surrounding Ozarks are known for their abundant streams. Whiteman AFB is not an extension of St. Louis or Kansas City, but is actually a vast area covering 44 million acres - more than New England! Though the area is a little removed from dense population, there are plenty of amenities within a few hours' drive.

Crime rates in Whiteman Afb are higher than the national average, with some neighborhoods posing a higher risk than others. A crime map will highlight the areas that are most vulnerable to crime, as well as areas where crime is low. The color-coded map shows crime rates by type and severity. In general, white areas are less safe than other areas, while red areas indicate higher risk for crime.

Whiteman Afb is named for George A. Whiteman, the first American to die in combat during World War II. The P-40 Whiteman was shot down and was known as "Lucky Me". Later, Whiteman Air Force Base became the home of SAC's fourth Minuteman missile wing. In June 1961, Whiteman Afb received the B-2 bomber, marking an important milestone in the U.S. bomber modernization program.