Beatty, Nevada Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What's the Population & Steets in Beatch City? Beatty has a low poverty rate, compared to 10 to 13% for most American cities. With only 881 residents, the poverty rate is below average. However, living conditions are worse in small towns. Below is a brief breakdown of the statistics. Listed below are some of the key facts about the city. Read on to learn more about Beatty.

Crime rates in Beatty vary widely. A high crime rate does not necessarily mean a dangerous area. Crime rates in the west and north of Beatty are lower. This is because most Beatty residents do not live near retail establishments. Therefore, the crimes in these areas may seem higher. However, you should be aware that crime rates do not necessarily reflect danger to residents. The red areas do not necessarily indicate dangerous areas.

In addition to crime rates, other important factors to consider include the number of people of African and Sub-Saharan origin living in the neighborhood. This neighborhood has the largest percentage of African or Sub-Saharan African residents of any other neighborhood in Beatty. Hence, it's important to understand the demographic makeup of the area before moving to it. The population of Beatty, NV is increasing.

The city is part of Lee County. Beattyville's ZIP code is 89003. This includes an interactive map and a list of ZIP+4 codes. The ZIP code designates a city or organization. The ZIP extension is the last four numbers. It's not a thriving city. Beattyville's zip code is classified as a Lower Middle Class neighborhood. If you're looking for the ZIP Code of Beatty City, Nevada, check out our website.