Hiko, Nevada Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are a few key facts you should know about the population and steets in Hiko City. The city has a total population of 78 people and an average commute time of 0.0 minutes. The median home value is $382,100, with a 12.6% appreciation over the last ten years. It is also a walkable city, with 100% owner-occupied residences and an average household size of 2.1 people.

When choosing a neighborhood, consider factors such as how long the houses have been on the market. You don't want to live in a subdivision where all the houses are the same. Also, check to see if there is parking space available. Some neighborhoods have garages filled with cars, making them difficult to park. You should check out the neighborhood to see if any of your potential neighbors are in good condition.