Stagecoach, Nevada Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The real estate market in Stagecoach City consists of medium and small mobile homes and single-family homes. Most of the homes are owner occupied and were built between 1970 and 1999. However, some homes were built in the 2000s. In any case, you will find that Stagecoach is a nice place to live if you want to live near the beautiful Sulphur Creek. Listed below are some of the local facts about Stagecoach.

The City was incorporated in 1974 and has a population of about 165. The town was originally incorporated as a General Law Type B municipality. At that time, deed restrictions on property were due to expire in two years and required the signatures of seventy-five percent of property owners. Unfortunately, many of these property owners did not live in Stagecoach. The residents of Stagecoach decided to incorporate in 1974, as it would not only improve police protection, but would protect the town from annexation in the future.

Compared to other cities in the area, Stagecoach has a low crime rate. The town is relatively safe, with crime rates lower than the national average. While crime may seem to be more prevalent in safe areas, it happens everywhere. Even if Stagecoach is relatively safe, you shouldn't feel too comfortable walking around at night. Consider these tips when choosing a place to live in Stagecoach.