Ancram, New York Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Compared to the average of all other cities, Ancram has a relatively low crime rate, especially drug-related crimes. In Ancram, a person's chance of getting involved in a drug-related crime is 1 in 119. However, it is not always obvious how much safer Ancram is than surrounding cities of a similar size. This article will provide a comparison of drug-related crime rates between different parts of the city.

The population of Ancram is 1,495, down 7.5% since the year 2020. Ancram's land area is 42.6 square miles, with an average density of 37 people per square mile. This density is a bit higher than the New York state average, and nearly half of what the U.S. population has to offer. Moreover, the city's median home value is $345,500.

Ancram is located in the southeastern corner of Columbia County. The town is named after the Scottish city Ancram, which is located near the town. There are a number of historic Native American nations that have lived in the area for thousands of years. Some of these historic Native American nations include the Mahican and Wappinger. Ancram was settled by Europeans in 1803, and was originally called Gallatin. Nonetheless, in 1814, it changed its name to Ancram. Afterwards, part of the city was taken to form a new town named Gallatin.