Freehold, New York Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

How much money does the average Freehold resident make? How many of them drive their own cars? How many take public transportation? This article will give you some information on the population and steets of Freehold City. In Freehold, the most common racial group is Hispanic, and the second most common racial group is White. The third most common racial group is Other.

The earliest settlers in Freehold centered their communities around the Monmouth Courthouse. In 1715, John Reid sold a plot of land in Freehold to build the first government building in the county. A small village developed around the Courthouse and included a blacksmith, a general store, a bank, and a saloon. Today, the town is home to several businesses, including a JPMorgan Chase Bank, which has three branches and five other branches.

The borough is home to many historical attractions. Victorian style homes are lined along tree-lined streets. The 1824 American Hotel opened on East Main St., while the Freehold Racetrack opened in 1853. The city has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Many fine restaurants and shops have opened up in downtown Freehold. There are also athletic events and outdoor concerts regularly held there.

The city is relatively safe, with the exception of violent crimes. The city's violent crime rate is lower than the state average. However, there are areas of the city with more violent crimes. A city with many parks and retail establishments tends to have a lower violent crime rate than other areas. A small percentage of Freehold residents live near parks, which makes the violent crime rate appear higher than it is.