Willet, New York Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

How many people are single in Willet City? The city has a lower single population percentage than Greene, which has the highest percent at 58%. However, there are still a lot of singles living in the city - they make up about 19% of the total population. To find out how many singles there are in Willet City, look at the census data. For example, the percentage of single women in Willet City is much lower than the average.

Willet City has a minority population of 66.9%, which is much lower than the national or state averages. However, the city does have a significant African-American community. Despite this low percentage, this city's population density is still quite high compared to many other small towns and villages in the area. In fact, this city has one of the highest percentages of Black residents and the highest percentage of Whites.

The city is home to around 4,100 people. This includes people who have migrated from other countries. The city's residents are made up of a mix of ethnic groups and ages, which makes it one of the most diverse places to live in the state. The majority of the residents are from Western Europe, while the remaining population is from the Caribbean. The locality is comprised of four distinct wards, including Willet, which is a good representation of the city's diversity.

The area studied, which is comprised of four Census tracts, has a total population of 16,244 people. This is one of the smallest populations in the area, and it has the lowest percentage of divorced women. It is home to some light industrial businesses and is in close proximity to the manufacturing zoning district. However, the future assessment of this neighborhood will depend on market trends in the area.