Agra, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you want to know how the population of Agra city has changed over the years, you can check out this article. It has all the information you need to know about this city. Agra is a place that has many uses. From shopping and dining to sightseeing and entertainment, this city has something for everyone. The population of Agra is growing and the city is becoming more popular. If you're planning a trip to Agra, you can find out more information about its population and steets by reading on!

The city was originally called Agravana in the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. It became the capital of the Mughal empire during some periods of the 16th century. The city later fell under the rule of the Marathas and Jats before being conquered by the British. In 1833, Agra was made the capital of the North-Western province. During the Indian Mutiny, this city was one of the most important centers.

The Agra airport does not service international flights. Most visitors will fly into New Delhi and then take an internal flight operated by a domestic airline. Air India Regional and Kingfisher Airlines have lines to Agra and Jaipur. Despite the high pollution levels, the city is still an excellent place to visit. With so much to offer, Agra is a great place for a vacation or a business trip.