Ardmore, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In the state of Texas, the city of Ardmore, Texas, is named for Ardmore, Pennsylvania, which is located along the Pennsylvania Railroad. The city was named by a Santa Fe crew foreman in 1887. The city's post office opened in October of that year. The city, situated between the Arbuckle Mountains to the north and the Red River to the south, quickly grew into a bustling community. By 1890, it had 25 hundred residents. By 1895, Ardmore had grown into a thriving city with a cotton market that sold more than ten thousand bales of cotton a year. The city's rebuilding efforts included bricks and concrete.

The town's early history is rooted in oil. Its proximity to the Healdton Oil Field led to its emergence as one of Oklahoma's largest oil fields. The city grew into a trading center for the surrounding area and was the center of an oil boom in the state. Halliburton and Noble Energy were created in the region as a result of this natural wealth.

The population of Ardmore is approximately twenty-seven percent married, with a median age of 38.5. Compared to Dickson, Ardmore is smaller by approximately three square miles. Ardmore households are headed by a married couple. In Gene Autry, the average household size is 3.5. Ardmore is home to the highest percentage of married couples, with a head of household (HOH) of four people or more.