Arkoma, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What are the population & steets of Arkoma City? Find out the basics with our guide. The population of this Oklahoma city is roughly 4,028 residents. The most common language spoken here is English, but other important languages include Italian and Spanish. If you're planning to move to Arkoma, you'll need to know the town's address and phone number.

Rent burden measures the percentage of a household's income that is spent on rent. It is an indicator of housing affordability and is useful when comparing cities. The rent burden in Arkoma is higher than the Oklahoma state average of 28.3% and significantly higher than the rent burden in Arkoma's neighboring cities of Fort Gibson and Fayetteville. This is primarily due to the fact that 27.9% of the city's housing units are occupied by renters.

The median age for people in Arkoma is 39 years old. The median household income in Arkoma is $26,454. The poverty rate is 12.7%. However, this figure does not represent the entire population. If you want to know more about Arkoma's people, we recommend checking out our Arkoma OK demographics. We provide the gender breakdown for the city by examining data from census records.

The crime rate in Arkoma is similar to the national average. On average, Arkoma has 19 crimes a year. Luckily, the crime rate in Arkoma is lower than the state average. Arkoma is in the 21st percentile for crime rate, making it slightly safer than surrounding cities. Only 22 percent of cities are safer than Arkoma, but some areas are prone to crime.