Atwood, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're considering buying a home in Atwood City, Illinois, you should know the numbers of both the population and the steets. Atwood is home to about a thousand people, and the median home value is $71,700. Compared to other U.S. neighborhoods, Atwood has experienced a 7.0% appreciation in home values over the last ten years. Whether you're looking to downsize your home or want to invest in a new one, Atwood has a number of things to offer.

First, Atwood's population is overwhelmingly Mexican. More than 100 percent of its residents identify as Mexican, and a similar percentage identify as foreign-born. That's an extremely diverse mix of nationalities. And as a result, many of its residents speak Spanish at home. While this isn't indicative of an underdeveloped neighborhood, the fact that so many immigrants and Mexican-born people call Atwood home is a promising sign.

The Census Bureau estimates that the population of Atwood is slightly higher than the average for Kansas. It has a median age of 48 years, and is overwhelmingly male. A staggering ninety-four men outnumber females (89.8 to one). The average household size is two people. That means that if you're a single man, you'll be living alone in Atwood for quite some time.