Butler, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you curious about the Population & Steets in Butler? If you are, you should know that this city is home to a large manufacturing industry. The AK Steel company is based in Butler, PA, and the Standard Steel Car Company opened their largest railcar manufacturing plant in the city in 1902. The company built the first all-steel railcars in Butler, and was founded by Diamond Jim Brady. The company eventually merged with the Pullman Palace Car Company, creating a monopoly that would eventually span the entire city.

The median age of people in Butler, PA is 38.4. While native-born citizens are generally considered middle-aged and older, foreign-born residents were slightly older. The top three foreign-born nationalities are China, India, and the Dominican Republic. While some residents do not own a car, the majority of residents use the car to get to and from work. This means that a car is the primary mode of transportation for many people in Butler.

Another important landmark is the Butler County Courthouse. This courthouse serves as the county's judicial and government functions. There are also several theaters in the area, including the Butler Little Theatre, which has been running since 1941. The Hobnob Theatre Company produces plays and musicals, and the Butler Transit Authority offers bus service and other forms of transportation. The city is served by two railroads. The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad is owned by the Canadian National Railway, and the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad provides regional service to Butler. The B&P Railroad also has a large locomotive shop outside the city.