Cameron, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Population and Steets in Cameron City, Missouri are not available. The city is located in Clinton County. Two-thirds of Cameron lies in Clinton County. The city is home to the Cameron High School, Cameron Veterans Home, and Western Missouri Correctional Center. Both of these institutions are the largest employers in the city. One street is named after Bob F. Griffin, who served four years in prison for corruption.

While the numbers may not sound like much, there is a distinct culture of economic deprivation in Cameron Park. Residents of this neighborhood are primarily Mexican. Many come from Mexico for jobs. The population of Cameron Park is comprised of Mexican and English speaking residents. Those born in the United States are mostly undocumented. In addition, there are immigrants who live in the area. The Mexican population is the majority here, and this diversity of cultures reflects the diversity of people in the community.

In 1850, the area was predominantly Catholic. However, when American settlers first arrived in the area, they chose to use the military road to head west. A few people remained in the area and established settlers. During this time, yellow fever and cholera epidemics affected the area several times. By 1850, the county had an estimated population of 8,451 people. This figure grew to 11,065 in 2000.