Cartwright, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you wondering what the Population & Steets are in Cartwright City, Oklahoma? If so, you're not alone. Many people in this area are just like you - curious about the stats behind their city. Population and Steets in Cartwright City, OK is just as important as any other statistic. Here's a breakdown of some important facts.

The population of Cartwright, OK is around 626 people. It has a median household income of $50,234, a 2.79% increase over the 2010 census. There's a 0% poverty rate and the median house value is $68,700. The median age of Cartwright residents is 51.5 years, with 54.3 years for males and 47.8 years for females.

The violent crime rate for Cartwright is 2.77 per 1,000 people. This is slightly higher in the southwest than in the northeast. The southeast and southwest areas of the city are the safest, while northeast and northwest Cartwright have the highest violent crime rates. If you're worried about crime, take a look at the crime grade in nearby cities. Cartwright is generally safe compared to other cities of similar size and population.

Crime and violent crime rates in Cartwright City are low in contrast with other places in Oklahoma. There are few places to go in Cartwright that have large populations, and the majority of crime occurs in small retail centers. However, this does not mean that crime in Cartwright is high for residents in these areas. Fortunately, crime does not always happen in these areas. It just happens where people are.