Chouteau, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Chouteau City is located in Mayes County, Oklahoma. The population of Chouteau is approximately 2,112 people. The average commute time is 19.0 minutes, and the median home value is $131,800. Over the past 10 years, home values in Chouteau have appreciated by 8.0%.

In 2020, the median household income in Chouteau, OK was $53,036. The median age of Chouteau city residents was 45.3 years. The median household income was $43,424, which represents a decrease of 18.1% from the previous year. The majority of the residents of Chouteau were employed in Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Educational Services. Those working in these fields earned a median salary of $53,424 in 2020, while those in other professions earned less than that amount.

Homeownership is relatively high in Chouteau, OK, with 77.4% of households having an active broadband connection. In 2010, Chouteau's median gross rent was $516/mo. This is significantly higher than the state-average of 28.3%, but lower than neighboring cities such as Sapulpa and Bluejacket. Among Chouteau's renters, 26.9% of homes were occupied by renters in 2016.

Chouteau has a very mixed population. Twenty-six percent of residents were under the age of eighteen, while eight percent were between the ages of 25-44. Twenty-two percent of the residents were sixty-four or older. The median age was 37. The town is home to several companies, including the MidAmerica Industrial Park, the Farmers & Merchants Bank, and Guy Williams Park.