Deer Creek, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There is a lot to know about the population and steets of Deer Creek City, Ohio. Here are some statistics. The population peaked at 312 in 1930, and it has decreased slightly to 250 by 1940. The median home price in Deer Creek is $31,100. Home appreciation in Deer Creek has averaged 3.8% over the past decade. This makes Deer Creek a nice place to live.

The rent burden reflects how much of a household's income is spent on rent. Rent burden is useful when determining the affordability of housing in the area. In Deer Creek, the rent burden is higher than the national average of 29.2%. However, neighboring cities like Morris and Elbow Lake have higher rent burdens. In Deer Creek, 17.9% of housing units are occupied by renters.

This neighborhood's majority of homes are single-family dwellings. This makes Deer Creek Blvd / Marston Way a neighborhood that stands out. In fact, it is a single-family-home-dominated neighborhood with 0% other types of residential real estate. This concentration of new homes makes this area more expensive than 99.8% of neighborhoods in the U.S. Overall, Deer Creek Blvd / Marston Way has an above average proportion of single-family homes compared to other neighborhoods.

The Marston Way neighborhood in Deer Creek City is an upscale choice for executive-style living. Its high real estate appreciation rates make this a popular neighborhood for wealthy professionals. The neighborhood contains more people of Canadian ancestry than any other neighborhood in the city. Another feature of this neighborhood is the proportion of Asian residents. The number of people of Asian ancestry in Deer Creek Blvd / Marston Way is remarkably high at 23.2%.