Fort Cobb, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Fort Cobb is a small town in the state of Oklahoma. It has a population of about 634 as of the 2010 census. The population is projected to reach 608 by 2020. The town is located in Caddo county. Listed below are some facts about Fort Cobb.

In 2010, Fort Cobb had a median gross rent of $367/mo. This rent includes utility bills and some other building costs. Compared to the Oklahoma state average of $727/mo., Fort Cobb is cheaper than Oklahoma. Fort Cobb's rent burden is lower than neighboring cities, like Minco and Carnegie, where the median rent burden is lower than the Oklahoma average of 22.7%.

Crime rates in Fort Cobb City are below the national average. While some neighborhoods are more dangerous than others, the crime rate in Fort Cobb is lower than the national average. In general, crime occurs where people are. Crime rates are higher in neighborhoods that have less people. But, this doesn't mean Fort Cobb is unsafe.

Fort Cobb has a low unemployment rate of 1.5%. This rate is based on the number of residents over 16 years old who are in the labor force. Twenty-seven percent of the population works for the government. The median household income is $44,167.