Isabella, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article is about the Population & Steets in Isabela City. Isabela City is located in the province of Basilan. Isabela City has a population of around 79,387 people. The city has a history of conflict, and is considered to have the worst crime rate in the Philippines. The population is diverse, with several ethnic groups living side by side. The city has a history of political violence, so it is imperative to keep these factors in mind.

The city has a large Chinese population. Its agriculture is largely agricultural with rice replacing corn as the main crop. The city has numerous rubber processing facilities. Major international companies have set up shop here, including BF Goodrich and Sime Darby Tires. The city also has videoke bars that stay open until 2am. In addition to agriculture, Isabela City has many industrial and commercial establishments.

The population of Isabella is primarily rural. The city is located in the hinterlands and is part of the Zamboanga Peninsula. The province's expansion is slow and uneven. The city grew at a slower rate than the other areas of Basilan. The city was incorporated into the ARMM in 2006. The provincial government's expansion has brought many improvements to the city. However, the population of Isabella City remains small.

Isabela was formerly the capital of the Basilan Province until 2017. The province retains its provincial services in Isabela while regional functions are still located in the Zamboanga Peninsula. ARMM is a legal entity, but Isabela City residents rejected inclusion in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. The province also includes Malamawa Island and the nearby Zamboanga Peninsula. This makes Isabela City an important part of Basilan.