Logan, Oklahoma Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Logan is in Utah, and it is located in the Cache Valley. The city's geography is shaped by the Bear River Mountains and is located on the northernmost branch of the Wasatch Range. Mount Logan is a prominent mountain that rises nine hundred and forty feet above the city. East of Logan Canyon, the eastern part of the city is a bench-like structure. This area was once fed by the Logan River, which created a Gilbert-type river delta after draining Bonneville.

A census of the city's population reveals that most Logan residents are of indigenous descent. The city's Council estimates there are 8307 Maori and 5439 other New Zealanders living in Logan. However, it acknowledges recent clashes between the local Aboriginal and Pacific Islander communities. In addition, there are two Native Hawaiians, one in Logan, and one in every five people of Asian descent are in the city.

The Logan area is home to Brigham Young College, a Christian college run by the Church of Jesus Christ. The college operated from 1878 to 1926 and donated its library to Utah State University. The Logan area is home to a variety of ethnic, religious, and economic institutions. It is home to Utah State University, which was founded in 1888. The campus sits near a mountain and is the largest employer in Logan.